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About Digital Art / Hobbyist neo0utsiderMale/Unknown Group :icontrampled-by-her: Trampled-By-Her
Because girls like to trample!
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neo0utsider's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a gamer boy since my teenage years. Also, I really like Female Domination ever since. So I decided to mix those things up to create my pics.
Here you'll find various women from Video Games dominating their opposition (mostly by trampling them) and looking sexy while doing it ^^

If you like my pics or have anything to say, please leave a comment.
Thanks for your visit. Enjoy the ride!


I discovered something... familiar on that video :p
Hi there! It was a long time. As you can see by now, I'm done with this site. It was an amazing ride, I enjoyed every bit of it. 
But now I'm done with making pics. I do have another idea in mind involving XNAlara, I'm thinking about doing some other stuff, mostly different stuff (mostly?... Ahem). But if I chose to do so, I will start fresh anyway. So you definetely won't see any more new pics added to my galleries here.
Still, something kinda irked me. I left some unfinished works to do, some stories that I wanted to continue. Unfortunately you won't ever see them on your screen, but I kinda needed to "splash them" here to kinda "end" the circle (eh? :o XD), one of them specially. So I will describe you the things that I was worked on (even some of them were finished) but you'll never see. You still can use your imagination, lol!
As for me, well, I will log from time to time. I still do. As I have some friends left, my favourites deviations, and I still watch some great artists. So while you won't see activity, I'll be here... somehow. Now, to share my unfinished plans with you guys, as my last hurrah here!

- "You can't just go" was planned to continue. In a WTF twist, Kasumi ended as Honoka's submisive. So she uses her so called "Evil powers" to shrink Kasumi and fool with her. I made some sketches but didn't developed how far it would go.

- The pic with Laura and Paul was intended to be the first of some more. She was meant to facesit him, with some teasing first. Those were almost finished.

- The pic with topless Ayane, Zack, and Bayman ("Dominant lust") was meant to have a conclusion. Never knew extactly how, that's why I never did it. Still I was worked on it when I was about to leave, and I kinda finished a cool scene of her trampling Bayman. It was "meh" for me anyway...

- "The giantess game" was one of the things I wanted to end. The next pic (which was finished) would have been Rachel stepping on Marie's neck, and then another votation for a potential fourth and final part of Rach fully standing on her. 

- The pics with the police girls from DOA and Spencer from RE... I had almost all of the next pics finished. The next one was with Sarah Bryant fully standing on him. Then was Kasumi, who was sitting on his belly with her heels on his face, and the last one was with Lei Fang. The funny ending was that, by the time Lei arrived, Spencer was embaraced enough and confessed his crimes. So he went to worship Lei's shoes by himself to avoid further punishing XD She was standing tall with a kinda funny expression and a very sexy pose, with Spencer at her feet. It was pretty hot, yeah :p

- Talking about Resident Evil, "Crunch" was intended to be a series, and it had a next pic with RE6 Sherry Birkin crushing some shrunken giant spiders... wait, shrunken giant spiders? XD I think you got it. She was wearing her retro costume BTW

- I had some other nasty stuff... a pic with "naked" Lion (from RE) and Lisa from DOA, in which she was a mini giantess. There was also a pic of Marie Rose in school uniform bullying a boy and crushing on his toys... don't know, crazy stuff.

-And finally, the most important thing. The script for "The Beating 2" which was made by Viena2. Unfortunately for him (and everyone who liked that one) wou won't see the ending in pics. But basically the end was about Kasumi losing psycologically (they don't even fight with Ayane anymore) and being slave for Ayane to not hurt her again. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls takes pics and mocks Kasumi. Ayane forced Kasumi to worship her, but she ended trampling her again anyway. It was a sad story for Kasumi :p

Well, I think that's the most relevant stuff. You know? I kinda feel well now, I feel I can finally put an end to this great run.
So thank you all! I hope you have found this crap to be interesting. If not, just scrap it althoghether XD but now I feel I'm done for good :)
Seeing you guys around!


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The story inspired by you has ended...
neo0utsider Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta catch on. I barely log in here anymore :/
It has ended. Thanks, Neo.
neo0utsider Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly think it was an awesome ride my friend. I enjoyed every chapter of it. Such a nice job you did :)
Arringtastic2013 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
What's your email address?
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